V1.12.0 Information

I just wanted to fix the bug in the uploads stats when an upload was resumed and change the processing of placeholders in template. But in the end it resulted in a lot more changes than I planned, a new major version and a release shortly after the last release.

Custom API credentials

In the younger past, since verification of the app by Google, usage increased a lot, either by a lot of new people with heavy upload schedules or maybe also by someone taking my API credentials, who knows. However since then we see a lot of „VidUp’s YouTube access is closed for today (API quota exceeded).“ errors wich causes VidUp not to work anymore for the rest of the day.

The new version let’s you maintain your own API credentials in the settings and enable/disable them on demand. With version version 1.11.0 you could already enter these information in the settings file, but you needed to restart VidUp and delete them if you not wanted to use them anymore. Now it’s much more comfortable, you don’t even need to restart anymore.

You can find more information on this here and here.

I see this also as preparation for the future, depending on the result of the quota expansion and if it eases the situation or not, it may be that I publish the app without API credentials at all and everyone has to bringt their own.

Place Holder Files

The place holderes #0#, #1#, etc. are now taken from the file name of the video file and from the .txt belonging to the video file (same file name without extension). Before you had to decide if you want to use the file name or the txt files. If you have variables in the file name and in the text file, the ones from the file name are counted first. E.g. if you have #some text# in the file name and #another text# in the .txt file, #0# would be ’some text‘ and #1# ‚another text‘.

Other Changes

And finaly there are a lot more changes under the hood, especially in error handling and tracing, error handling was unified and tracing has a lot more details, especially for authentication failures.

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