VidUp has more quota now!

Finally VidUp got more quota from Google and hopefully it is enough that the VidUp’s YouTube access is closed for today (API quota exceeded) errors are gone for the near future.

For the quota extension I needed to make some adaptions to compliy with the Google developer policies. I needed to change the license and privacy policy so that by accepting them, you also accept Google’s and YouTube’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You have already accepted them on creating and using your YouTube channel, so this should not be a big deal. But I needed to change the installer for this, so that 2 terms can be and must be agreed during installation. Please uninstall the old verion manually before installing 1.12.1 as the new installer doesn’t uninstall versions installed with the old installer.

I also removed the sign in on any API interaction if the account is not logged in. Sign in works now only over the sign in button. If an account set on an upload is not signed in, a warning icon will appear next to the account info. And as this is handled flexible also during upload, the ‚Resume Uploads‘ checkbox can now also be changed during upload.

The day after. The first day for a long time, that VidUp doesn’t reach the quota limit:

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