Upload to YouTube in Seconds


Tired of copying information from one video to another on YouTube? Of setting playlists und publish dates manually?
Upload your videos to YouTube with a few clicks by customizable video templates. Have information like title, description, tags and publish date set automatically. As well as the playlists after publication of your videos.


Release Information

Update about future releases

Small update: Yesterday VidUp was at over 5,000,000 Quota Usage, that's almost at the limit again, I've already requested more quota again. 🙂 For the first time I noticed in...

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Custom API credentials don’t help!

Bad news everyone. Bringing your own custom API credentials doesn't do anything after all, because Google restricts all videos uploaded from unverified API accounts created after 6/28/2020 to private: https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/revision_history#release_notes_07_28_2020...

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VidUp has more quota now!

Finally VidUp got more quota from Google and hopefully it is enough that the VidUp's YouTube access is closed for today (API quota exceeded) errors are gone for the near...

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VidUp 1.14.0

New features Publish schedule overview over alle templates for the current month. Copying of templates. Improved error information texts and included an error number. New API credentials. Bugfixes Max upload...

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This is Vidup

Uploads With System

Still setting titles, description text, playlists, tags, etc. manually? Save yourself the trouble and automate your YouTube uploads with VidUp! The extensive template system automatically adds descriptions, video titles, tags, and much more. On top of that, there’s a feature to automatically publish your videos. And best of all, it’s free!

Powertoys for YouTube

Main Features of VidUp

VidUp relieves you of tedious, repetitive work and gives you more time for your hobby or profession on YouTube. We’ll explain how to do that with the help of the different features.

Check out the full list of features if you want to learn more!


Create templates for video series and automate the management of your channel videos.


Create schedules on which days and at which times you want your videos to be published 


Placeholders automatically insert recurring information into description, title, tags, and more – no more copy/paste required!

PC Automation

You are no longer at the PC when the uploads are done? No problem, with the PC automation you can shut down the PC e.g.