Update about future releases

Small update:

  1. Yesterday VidUp was at over 5,000,000 Quota Usage, that’s almost at the limit again, I’ve already requested more quota again. 🙂
  2. For the first time I noticed in the API statistics that API requests are used, which I don’t use for VidUp at all:
    Request Amount
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataSearchService.List 1
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveBroadcastService.Bind 2
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveBroadcastService.Insert 2
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveStreamService.Insert 2
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataChannelService.Update 5
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveBroadcastService.List 5
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveBroadcastService.Update 8
    youtube.api.v3.V3DataLiveStreamService.List 42

    These are not many requests in 2 weeks, video uploads are 35,000, but someone seems to be using my API access. I can’t prevent that totally, as the access data from a desktop app is easy to get out. Nevertheless, I will go to renew the API credentials with each release, virtually assign a new password. This has the consequence that the old versions are immediately no longer usable and the new version must be used. Too bad for the people who like to stay longer with an old version, but that’s just how it is, a few bums always spoil the fun for the majority. And no there will be no auto updater for the app, at least not from me. 🙂

  3. I updated the VidUp development environment yesterday to Visual Studio 2022, previously it was 2019 and also raised the required .NET Framework to .NET6. This would not have been mandatory, but .NET6 is also supposed to have increased performance in some places, that can’t hurt. So with the next version .NET6 is needed.

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